Edema and vasodilatation of the nasal mucous membrane, nasal discharge, and congestion.

Occurs acutely usually as a result of the common cold; however, other infections may be associated (staph, strep, and pneumococcal). The common cold is due to a number of rhinoviruses as well as a general toxic state in the body that creates favourable conditions for the viruses to replicate and grow. Chronic rhinitis can occur in many conditions, from benign to serious: hay fever and perennial allergic rhinitis.

signs and symptoms:
• Nasal discharge: watery, albuminous, yellow, greenish, white, blood-streaked, etc.
• Nasal congestion: Can often necessitate mouth-breathing.
• Concurrent symptoms may include: sinus pain; epistaxis; sneezing; itching/tearing eyes; or other signs of a common cold (slight sore throat etc.).

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