Intestinal Dysbiosis

Excessive production of toxic metabolites of digestion, especially in the colon.
Bowel toxemia results from abnormal bowel flora, improper diet, poor digestion, or bowel obstruction /sluggishness. Several or all of those factors will typically be involved. For example, a poor diet, high in processed and canned foods, will over time lead to the predominance of bowel flora that are more responsible for toxin production. The same diet increases constipation, which furthers toxin production by allowing the food to sit in the colon long enough for the bacteria there to act upon it.

Toxins produced in the gut are detoxified in the liver; if the liver is not functioning optimally, or if the amount of toxin production overwhelms its metabolic capabilities, the toxins can enter the systemic circulation and cause numerous health problems by causing tissue aggravation and change, or by irritating a preexisting condition.
signs and symptoms:
• maldigestion: bad breath, flatulence, irregular stools, foul stool/ foul flatulent odour
• miscellaneous: arthritis, rashes, epilepsy, psychological problems
• fatigue: nervousness, heart conditions
• history of poor diet: processed and canned pet foods
• skin problems: psoriasis/eczema/dermatitis, skin may be red, dry, flaky, dull and appear unhealthy. Pet usually present with itching and licking.

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