5 year old Labrador

Patient: Labrador
Age: 5 year old
Sex: Male/Desexed
Name: Geoffrey
Clipped coat and won’t grow back. What is growing back is faded in colour and very course. Burnt patch of hair over bridge of nose and ears. Gets red on the groin area. Skin is dry. Previous ear infections. Has been on repeated antibiotics for itchy face and other irritations. Clears but always comes back in one form or another. Antibiotic treatment has commenced over a long period of time.

Vet Diagnosis
Vet diagnosed skin allergies and recommended the client get an allergy test performed. Cost $1000. Two separate allergy tests were recommended totaling $2000. Client decided to try alternative therapies instead.

First Visit Treatment
After speaking to client, they advised they clipped Geoffrey many months ago as he liked to swim in the pool and it was easier to dry him off with a clipped coat. I believe that Geoffrey doesn’t have any skin allergies. I believe his coat has been burnt by the chlorine and because he didn’t have his protective coating, the chlorine has absorbed into the skin and caused the above symptoms.


Natural diet

Phone call from customer (2 weeks later)
Hair has begun to soften and is growing back. Burned hair beginning to fall out.
Phone call from customer (2 weeks later again)
Hair is soft and can see large amounts beginning to grow back. Old burnt hair has fallen out and replaced with new coat.

geoffey before photo Geoffery 2 weeks after treatment1   Goeffery 2 weeks after treatment2


Coat back to normal in less than 2 months

Geoffery after pic2   Goeffery after photo 1

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